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7 Quick Takes, vol. 1 (Procrastinator’s Edition, part 1 of many) January 7, 2013

Filed under: 7 Quick Takes — Elisabeth @ 12:03 AM

Just close your eyes and pretend it’s Friday.

1. I have this dry spot on one of my knuckles that keeps cracking open, and it hurts like a mofo. Someone tell me how the heck to get rid of it! My little sister gave me some cocoa butter, so I’ve been slapping a glob on the dry spot whenever I remember to, with a bandaid on it so the glob doesn’t fall off. Is there anything else I should/shouldn’t be doing?

2. Speaking of bandaids, am I the only one who’s obsessed with getting all the funky designs? I’m beginning to get quite the collection!

3. I was still on my crazy holiday schedule at work, so all I made this past week was candied ginger. I was a little nervous, but it came out great! I’ll do a full post this coming week, but here’s a little preview:

candied ginger preview

4. Keep praying for Jen!

5. It’s been less than a week of 2013, and I haven’t even started on at least 80% of my New Year’s goals. Bleh.

6. I like this blog theme, but I could live without the giant picture of kissing birds at the top. Anyone know how to get rid of them? UPDATE: I changed it. I couldn’t handle the mush. :)

7. This song has taken over my life. I blame Dwija. :)


5 Responses to “7 Quick Takes, vol. 1 (Procrastinator’s Edition, part 1 of many)”

  1. Stacy Says:

    #1 Coconut oil! :)

  2. Sarah L Says:

    Neosporin is good too, especially if you put it on right before you go to bed.

    My family is obsessed with that video too!

  3. @Liz: Use some petroleum jelly! you can even get some that smells like baby power or cocoa butter from the dollar store (I’ve been using some since I came back from LA and it works WONDERS!) psss its also really good to put on after you shave (keeps skin smooth and reduces razor burn…sorry if that’s TMI…lol

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