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Well, Hi There! December 24, 2012

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“I want to start a food blog, but my cooking skills, er, need work.”

I tweeted this on Monday; it was such a ridiculous idea that I couldn’t keep it to myself. When I think of a food blog, I think of people with clean, spacious kitchens who take non-blurry pictures and who know what the word “braise” mean. In other words, not me. So there I was, quite pleased with my ridiculous tweet, when a couple of friends said hey, it would be fun to see you learn as you go! I gave it some thought, and since the world didn’t end yesterday, I’m starting my very own learning-to-cook, hey-watch-me-periodically-burn-stuff food blog.

I can cook very basic things, like spaghetti, and eggs, and…yeah, that’s about it. I really want to change that, and be a super cook like my mom and little sister.

So if you rock at making dinner from a box, but the sight of raw meat makes you sweat, or if you freak out if a recipe has more than 6 ingredients, or if you fly into a rage when the author of a recipe says, “There are so many variations; just use your imagination!” and you think, “I DON’T WANT TO USE MY IMAGINATION, THAT’S WHY I’M USING A RECIPE!!!!!!” then you, my friend, are a kindred spirit, and this blog is for you.

Now, I’m trying to hold myself accountable, so even if I totally screw something up, I’m still going to post about it, so you can at least learn from my mistakes (or tell me how to fix it next time ;) ). And I won’t always post about food. I have a life, y’know. :)

Wish me luck!


3 Responses to “Well, Hi There!”

  1. Love this idea amiga!! But you are a terrific baker!!! I still need so skills in that! :) ps made a blog!!! lol follow me too!!!

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